Your Basic Reading ~

This consists of my using the Tarot cards, and the Art of Palmistry and Psychometry, in order to provide you with information about your future. I will begin your reading by tuning into your past and present circumstances and will talk about these before moving on to your future.

The form of Palmistry I use is the ancient art of Chinese Hand Analysis which is a very thorough method of obtaining information about a person’s life. I begin every reading by examining your palm, and then at some point during this process I open to the information that comes from my spirit guides and the spiritual realms.

Psychometry is a method of picking up information about a person while holding something that belongs to them, such as a watch or a piece of jewellery. For me, psychometry is useful for providing specific images, situations, and/or words spoken or heard by clients, either in the past or the future.

The Spiritual Readings ~

As a medium I am able to receive information from the spirit realms and pass their messages on to you.


The Guardian Angel Readings ~

These are channelled readings from a person’s Guardian Angel and they are always a special, comforting and empowering experience.

Our Guardian Angels have a mission at this time to empower us and they long to give us information and assistance that will enable us to more easily surmount the challenges of our lives and teach us how to create and manifest more joyful and nurturing futures for ourselves.

Not only do they offer methods by which we can smooth our own path through life, but, because we are all joined at a deeper level, they can also teach us how to help safeguard and smooth the lives of our loved ones.

The energy of these readings are characterised by softness, gentleness, unconditional love and safe, angelic protection.

"Personally, I find Anne’s readings a truly wonderful experience. It’s as if time stands still and all caring attention is on me and my life; I never want it to end.

Thank you so much Anne, I very much value and appreciate this rare special service which you provide and will return again and again."

Mrs. S. Hartlepool

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