How They Came About ~

One day, a number of years ago,  after I had been training for 18months to hone and develop my abilities to more sensitively and accurately channel Guides from the Higher Spirit Realms, I was doing a reading for a lady who had a great interest in, and affinity with, angels.

Imagine my astonishment when suddenly, during the reading, I began to receive information  from her Guardian Angel about how to improve the quality of her life, and how she could work from her home for the benefit of humanity.

This latter topic was something this lady was particularly keen to do, but had always felt there was little she could do.

The information that came through for her that day from her Guardian Angel was of a particularly positive and empowering nature. She was provided with practical methods and information on how she could improve her circumstances and life for the better and what she could do to help in the process of humanity’s healing without leaving her home.

Thinking that this was an unusual and one-off type of event I forgot about it until some months later, when, to my surprise, I was doing a reading for one of my clients who was on a  conscious path of spiritual progression, and I began to receive a similar type of guidance and instruction from her Guardian Angel on how she could improve her life and situation.

This marked the start of a series of spontaneous readings from people’s Guardian Angels and I finally decided that I needed to offer them to anyone who wanted them.

The Type of Information and Help the Guardian Angels Offer~

Your Guardian Angel will tell you in very specific and clear ways how you can change the energy you generate that attracts and holds to you difficult, unloving and fearful experiences and circumstances. 
This energy is generated from your habitual thoughts, feelings, words, mental images, attitudes, actions, intentions and sayings. Being able to see how you are drawing and creating certain events and circumstances to you, your Guardian Angel will tell you what you need to change  in order to change your life and bring about improvements quickly.

Each person’s reading is, of course, tailored to suit their particular personal and unique needs.

"Personally, I find Anne’s readings a truly wonderful experience. It’s as if time stands still and all caring attention is on me and my life; I never want it to end.

Thank you so much Anne, I very much value and appreciate this rare special service which you provide and will return again and again."

Mrs. S. Hartlepool

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